I'm starting to program in Roblox Studio, but how should I start?

Hey guys so for like the past week I’ve been trying to learn how to code in Roblox Studio. What I’m most confident in so far is functions and prints. But after watching so many tutorials and doing them, I now want to start putting that work to an actual practical.

i am NOT saying that I want to create a full new game to roblox, but i want to try some experiments and challenges (for beginners) in Roblox Studio to do with scripting so that can build my knowledge because I think doing that will really help. Now when i say “experiments and challenges” i mean stuff like, maybe when you touch something, it does this! Or when you go through a door, it does this! Or even maybe something simple as just trying to make something function in a funny way.

Please reply with some ideas down below!


There are some courses for beginners on the developer hub

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When I first started learning code (mainly C), I would normally test myself and try out small projects that yeah wouldn’t need much time to be put into but can get something done.

In terms of basic challenges on Roblox for someone learning Roblox Lua for a week now, you can maybe look into these challenges that come to the top of my head:

  • A part that infinitely loops through a variety of colors and changes every second [Extra Challenge: If you click on the part, the loop stops. If you click on the part again, the loop continues]

  • A simple admin function (Tests when a player joins the game if he/she is an admin of the game or not). You can try incorporating this to admin doors (Opens if the player is an admin once touched).

  • Trying out a phrase in chat that does something to the player when typed. Can be anything as an increase or decrease speed, grow or shrink player, etc.

  • Why not? Try out a simple calculator that can do the basic 4 operations (or just one if you want to try it out).

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There are many tutorials on YouTube, Discord, etc. First of all, obviously, you need to start with the foundations. (printing, functions, for loops, while loops, if-statement, etc.) Next, I have a really good Discord server where they teach about scripting, also for other areas such as building, modeling, and clothing designing! Discord

The DevForum is also a good place to learn, you can ask many questions about your development process.

Then, you need to learn about Roblox’s LUA programming. (these are the things for RemoteEvents, LocalScript, GUI, DataStores, etc)

Lastly, you can make a simple project on your own, you do not need to build a huge game. Here are the examples of a simple game:

  • A game where you can click on buttons to do an action.

  • A brick that can kill you if you touch it. (some sort of lava)

  • A simple door that can be entered when the player is in a specific group.

  • A simple calculator with the basic operations.

  • And much more!

If you need any help with these, you can simply ask on the DevForum website!

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Honestly, If your just starting out I recommend you to watch the thedevking beginner series and practice for a while and then go on to the next series which is the “advanced” series which I can’t truly call advanced so we will call it intermediate. After practice for a couple weeks or months about 5 hours a day and you should be able to start learning about OOP. Its just a cleaner way of scripting and is really good for long term projects, if you start learning that I recommend you to practice that for 1 or 2 months and than you can learn advanced math and physics, after that your basically an advanced developer .

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The best way to get more knowledge is to make stuff. Not anything huge, Just think of a cool project and start making it. Look up how to do the stuff as you go along. Try making an obby with a fun twist using code! If you don’t know how to do something, learn how or just try something else. It all builds up and soon you’ll find yourself able to make things you never would’ve imagined! (If you think you can’t do stuff because you don’t know how, you’d be surprised how many dev’s don’t know what there doing when they start a new project lol)

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I took my very first steps by using this guide from roblox: Learn Roblox


-A zombie
-A turret that kills the zombie
-A missile that blows up the turret

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Thank you so much man! I’ll be trying some of these.

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When I started learning how to script on Roblox Studio, I used a lot of resources like the Developer Hub. You can go here to learn from the Developer Hub: Developer Hub

Another way I learned how to script is from a pretty cool game on Roblox called Lua Learning. Here’s the link:

Lua Learning