I'm trying to make a prompt but I can't figure out how to

How would I make the little prompt that pops up in the bottom right and it has two choices?

Notifications are a good way:

But they’re hard to notice.

With two GuiButtons, you can use the GuiButton.MouseButton1Click function and connect to it.

Your code would look something like this: (Make a LocalScriot under the button)

-- put code here

(And you can do the same with the other button.)

I mean something that would look like this:


Then that’s the link I sent earlier. They’re called notifications.

I know this sounds a little bit like I’m asking you to do everything for me, but could you send an example?

That instance method you linked can only be accessed by CoreScripts.

game:GetService("StarterGui"):SetCore("SendNotification", {
		Title = "Invite";
		Text = plrname.. " sent you an invite to 1v1!";
		Icon = ""; 
		Duration = 3;
		Callback = nil; -- put a callback function here (Instance.new("BindableFunction") 
		Button1 = "Accept";
		Button2 = "Decline"