I'm Trying to Polish Up The Story for My Game

Hello, I’m developing a game called ‘SWATTED: San Diago’ it’s based on the real game GTA V, in my game, you can upgrade your vehicles, buy new vehicles, level up, fly airplanes, drive boats and cars, jump out of airplanes, arrest criminals, be a criminal, fight in boss fight events, etc… The storyline is about a supervillain who has a degree in biology from Stanford University, he used his skills in biology to make bio-weapons to ‘destroy’ his enemies, criminals can become henchmen for him and police officers or military soldiers try to bring the supervillain down during a live event a while after the game releases. I’m trying to polish up the storyline can anybody give any suggestions?

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Hi! Maybe you should switch the University name to something other than Stanford? And why Stanford in particular?
And is the misspelling of San Diego intentional? San Diago seems a bit odd.

If you’re adding the ability to do whatever you wish, seen in games such as Jailbreak and Mad City, then why are you putting in a storyline? Storyline games do not go with open world games.

The storyline is also not very specific.

Do we know who the supervillan’s name is?

What is his reason for having these particular enemies?

Does he even have a backstory?

This story really needs to be fleshed out more. Anyways I hope this helped.(^^)