Im wondering if there is a way to make a tool thats teleports to loactions when you type in chat

so what I want to achieve is that there is a tool that teleports you to a location when typing a work example if i would say “forest 1” it would teleport me to where I set it to maybe by cords or a block, either way, i have this guy that gave me this tool I’ve been trying to make it work if you want to see it here Model Test - Roblox

also once you type the location you would get teleport via a cricle that appears under you and others can walk in

You can use plr.Chatted:Connect()

if message == “Forest 1” then

I see but how would i set an posistion

Other stuff with circle and more you will do by yourself. We won’t write full code for you.


It just sets position of a Part where player Should teleported