Image drop-down uploader yields studio for ages

The image asset-uploader is a convenient tool to directly upload textures to assets, or to select already uploaded textures. Works really well in the beginning when there aren’t a lot of images to load, but when you have many images uploaded using the direct image uploader, it halts focusing on that property until all has loaded, which can take ages.

Here’s a gif to display

Intended behaviour in this case would atleast to get focus on the property immediately so that you can change values etc, instead of waiting for the drop-down to load in. It happens 100% of the time if you have enough assets uploaded through that pop-up.


Yeah this is very tedious.

This bug has been around for probably 2 years now too, ever since the Game asset uploader in Studio was introduced.

This feature should be removed to be entirely honest.

It’s not really that convenient in my opinion, even if it didn’t hang Studio for 10 minutes, it’d still be useless since you can copy and paste the asset ids from the game explorer.