Image not setting though player fits some statements

I am making a custom PlayerList, it works great. But there is one thing. I want the player list to look good since I am releasing it to the public. But for some reason the player status feature won’t work, though I am the creator of the game. Ill show you the entire local script:

local pCloner = script.Parent:WaitForChild("pCloner")
local playerScroller = script.Parent:WaitForChild("PlayerScroller")
local localPlayer = game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer

local function updatePlayerList()
	for index, playerFrame in pairs(playerScroller:GetChildren()) do
		if playerFrame:IsA("Frame") then
	for index, player in pairs(game:GetService("Players"):GetPlayers()) do
		local PlayerClone = pCloner:Clone()
		local PlayerStatus = PlayerClone:WaitForChild("PlayerStatus")
		local PlayerDisplay = PlayerClone:WaitForChild("PlayerName")
		-- the status feature starts here --
		if player.MembershipType == Enum.MembershipType.Premium then
			PlayerStatus.Image = "rbxasset://textures/ui/PlayerList/PremiumIcon.png"
		elseif player.MembershipType == Enum.MembershipType.None then
			PlayerStatus.Image = ""
		elseif player.UserId == game.CreatorId then
			PlayerStatus.Image = "rbxasset://textures/ui/PlayerList/developer.png"
		elseif player:GetRankInGroup(1200769) == 150 then
			PlayerStatus.Image = "rbxasset://textures/ui/PlayerList/AdminIcon.png"
		elseif player:GetRankInGroup(4199740) == 1 then
			PlayerStatus.Image = "rbxasset://LuaPackages/Packages/_Index/UIBlox/UIBlox/App/ImageSet/ImageAtlas/img_set_1x_2.png"
			PlayerStatus.ImageRectOffset =, 346)
			PlayerStatus.ImageRectSize =, 16)
		elseif localPlayer:IsFriendsWith(player.UserId) then
			PlayerStatus.Image = "rbxasset://textures/ui/PlayerList/FriendIcon.png"
		PlayerDisplay.Text = player.DisplayName
		PlayerClone.Parent = playerScroller
		PlayerClone.Name = player.DisplayName
		PlayerClone.Visible = true
		playerScroller.CanvasSize =,0,0,playerScroller.UIListLayout.AbsoluteContentSize.Y)


There is a difference between images and decal Ids, decal Ids can only be used on parts, but can be set for UI images manually in Roblox Studio for some reason, and image Ids can be used with UI. From I have gathered, it seems as if you are attempting to set a UI image with a decal Id, which you cannot do, but what you can do is upload images in the AssestManager and, theoretically, that should solve your problem.

Did you read the code? This has nothing to do with decal id’s. These are rbxasset:// content types, which are local image files on the roblox client. They work fine, but the problem is that even though I am the owner of the game, and I am friends with the person the image doesn’t set to neither of them.

The code works for you, but not others? Can you provide more details to what is exactly happening because I am 99% sure that the type is Id is the problem, the URL scheme will not help if the type of image is invalid.

It works for no one, and all of the images are valid.

Can someone help me please?