ImageButtons Automatically Disconnect Event Connections On Window Focus Loss

I have a ScreenGui with ResetOnSpawn disabled. This means I should only ever need to setup my button event connections once per play session. This works perfectly as intended for TextButtons. However, if players leave the game window on their device (while the UI is disabled) all buttons that are ImageButtons lose their connections entirely and cease to work when they return and the UI is displayed again.

EDIT: I think I mis-observed the behavior. Seems like all UI buttons are disconnecting their events at random throughout the play session, it’s more likely to happen to ImageButtons, but it also occurs to TextButtons too. Clicking out of the window is more likely to trigger it, but it also just occurs randomly without leaving the window.

Could you provide the code which is used inside these buttons?

Thanks for the report! We’ll take a look.

It is exactly as described. Simply do button.MouseButtonDown:connect(function()
— do something

Eventually that connection just disconnects automatically, and it occurs faster if you leave the Roblox window.