Impact when crashing

Hello, I’m trying to make a movement system like this game:
Rollernauts - Launch Trailer (2016) - YouTube

I did the movements by egomoose’s system Super Primate Ball - Roblox, The problem is there is no impact when crashing what i mean is:

I tried to add body velocity when it touches but it doesn’t seems to work well also i tried to change physics of the ball but it doesn’t seems to work too.

How can i achieve this physics please let me know.

Ah. There is a property for that!

You can simply try and mess around with elasticity and elasticity weight ti get the impact you want!

Set elasticity to something pretty high and set elasticity weight so that you get the effect you want!

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its not working because i set the ball’s network owner to player and i can’t change the network ownership because it lets player to control ball.

Sorry? I don’t understand what you mean?

the custom physical properties cannot work well because of the network ownership Network Ownership | Roblox Creator Documentation

Alright then. Instead you could set an initial Velocity instead.