(Important) 3d modeling help

Hello, I have been on roblox for a while now and modeling has always stuck out to me and I have been pursuing it for a long time but, nothing has been as weird as this.

Whenever I import a model it is invisible. I have never been more confused on how to fix this. Like when I import a model I can still highlight it and click on it but, you can just see right through it.

If anyone knows how to fix this pls let me know.


This always happens to me, I fix it just by reloading the mesh into a different part. Also, could you provide an image?

If you could provide a image, gif, or video would help make it easier to solve. Without that, I’m not sure what the issue could be.

Did you happen to mess with your mesh’s normals? This often causes some areas to be invisible when imported into Studio.

Well, I don’t know how I really did it but, I went back into blender and imported the model back in, then exported it and it was fine. So, I don’t know what the deal is with that but, I can now confirm my issue is solved. I guess all you have to do is mess around with it a little.


The reason behind this issue is negative parts/scales in your model.

If you are blender, turn on face orientation and select all red faces. Once you have done that, flip normals.

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It’s flipped normals, As I have seen you are a professional modeler, So you gotta know this to master your skills!

Yeah, thanks I figured that out. I have now been able to model amazing now.

I have the same problem, here’s what I do: Import the mesh once, delete it, then reimport it and it will load