Important Feedback for my game, approaching ad release

So I made a post a while back about my game and got some good feedback, I did my best to listen to it and now I want to see if the game has improved! I’m also planning on buying ads so I want to make sure the game is ready for that.
The game is [SUMMER UPDATE 2!] A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing - Roblox
It’s sorta like mm2 but I tried to put my own spin on it!

you will need 3 players to start. (sorry I don’t really have a way around this, but if you wait a bit some more dev forum users might join)

1 - Is the lobby good? (Explain why/why not)
2 - Is the core game loop fun? (Explain why/why not)
3 - Are the skins and maps fun? (Explain why/why not)
4 - is the round system too long/too short? (Explain why/why not)
5 - are the coins too difficult/easy to earn? (Explain why/why not)
6 - Is it too hard/easy to level up? (Explain why/why not)
7 - Is it annoying to wait for more players? (Explain why/why not)
8 - Any other feedback is appreciated!

Thank you for your time!

Hello. I’m going to say everything that I know, but first based on what I believe is important to know.

The lobby feels like a 2018 game. I do not really like that tone since we’re in 2022.
To fix that :

  • Bigger enhancements in lighting would be required. It seems that it’s a cartoon game, so you’d need to add an atmosphere, bloom, and a color correction effect by increasing saturation and contrast.
  • Adding a much better GUI design, and dynamic animations for it and mostly more things to do in the GUI
  • A much better lobby with already greater quality builds, low or high poly… Looks like 2017, I feel back in my childhood, lol.
  • Try to get rid of this 3 players minimum. It kills the experience since you cannot play alone. You can’t even discover the game.
  • A more appealing concept, or more developed idea would be great.

Here are my thoughts. Huge room for improvement, good luck.

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Yeah, I legit just forgot about the lighting lol.
The lobby is mostly bad because I can’t build lol. I might hire a builder but I kinda want to improve my building skills and make most of the stuff in my game.
Any tips for GUI design. I’m not very good at it so I don’t know what looks good. (Should I just hire a gfx artist?)
I could work on an AI mode for the game. But it won’t be as fun.
Also, how could I make the concept more appealing?
Thanks so much for the feedback, I was afraid no one would respond

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For the GUI, a UI designer will be needed, not a GFX artist. And to get inspiration, you might just want to learn GUI designing outside of roblox, and have critical thinking, and most importantly, feedback.
Here is someone you can get inspired from : Profile - Puppy_Ryan - DevForum | Roblox

For building, a builder might be required, because if it’s a solo project that you want to get done in time, it’s very hard.

For the concept, you just need to make sure that your concept can be easily understood by any player in the first few seconds of experience. If he doesn’t, (like I did) and do not appreciate the first impression, he might simply leave the game without coming back.

And to build retention, I believe that you might want to build and extrinstic level progression, that is actually rewarding and satisfying.

Do not invest on advertising without a proper game.
Hope that helps.

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The lobby and the UI doesn’t exactly look very modern, It doesn’t seem like you have a lighting add one, The UI is also a bit over scaled so make a hide UI button
and add a tutorial players don’t know what to do when they first join the game and may leave.

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I like the tutorial idea.
But idk if I want the lighting, I don’t want to just throw lighting into my game.
I’m looking for a GUI designer but they are hard to find.

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I have some tips for you:

  • Add some round edges using the UICorner object in the store and inventory where it shows the skin
  • Add feedback to the UI (When you put your mouse on a button make the background color darken and/or add sounds for when you click and hover your mouse on the button)
  • Change the font (Gotham is my go to font but you might find one that better suits your game)
  • For the spectating UI, reverse the colors so it’s white text on a black background.
  • Don’t use text scaled. Either set a pre-made number, or enable text scaled but add a UiTextSizeConstraint object to make it so that the text doesn’t become uncontrollably big.