[Important] Right to Erasure - Action Requested (I haven't used DataStorage)

I keep getting request to remove player’s DATA from a datastoges that I never even set up or used. Do I actually need to attempt to remove something, that I don’t have access too?

EDIT: also I never even enabled data storage or used it from games that I’m getting told to remove data from

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Those messages are automatically sent out to developers of games a player who submitted a right of erasure request played, regardless of if they actually hold data about that player.

And yes you have to comply with them. But roblox published an automatic remover: Introducing Webhooks for External Notifications

I haven’t even used the Data storage at all and it’s sending me these messages. It shouldn’t have any data to delete at all then Right?

Roblox doesn’t check whether or not your DataStores contain the player’s data, they just send it to all games the player played. If you never stored players’ data then you don’t have to do anything.

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Thanks for the clarification, I was extremely confused due to the fact I’ve never actually used DataStorge.
I find that a bit odd, But alright.

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