(Important) Roblox Studio macOS-only Bootstrapper Issue

Before proceeding to read this post, please note that it only affects macOS Studio users. Windows users are unaffected.

Hey developers,

We’ve identified a bug in the latest release of our macOS bootstrapper that causes it to get hung up when attempting to update Roblox Studio. Below, we have outlined two solutions to resolve this issue. Upon the next release of Roblox Studio (currently scheduled for October 2nd) if you have not taken one of the two steps outlined below, you will encounter an issue that will prevent you from updating to the latest version.

Solution #1:

The Roblox Player has been updated to repair broken Studio installs. Playing any Roblox game will detect and fix the issue with Studio, leaving your Studio installation fully patched.

Solution #2:

The installer for Roblox Studio will repair this issue. You can download it at this direct link: https://s3.amazonaws.com/setup.roblox.com/mac/RobloxStudio.dmg. You do not need to uninstall or delete Studio before running the installer. After the installer completes, your Studio installation will be fully patched.

Starting October 2nd, we will continue the normal Studio release process. We strongly recommend following one of these two solutions prior to that date to avoid issues with the update process. Please help spread this message to other developers to encourage them to take these steps prior to October 2nd. If you have any questions or problems, please reach out to @DevEngagementTeam.

We will be investigating this incident in detail in order to inform our processes and procedures to help prevent future potential incidents. We appreciate your patience as this issue is resolved.

The Roblox Team


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Wow coe, why do you make me do work!?

In all seriousness, thanks for informing us mac users about this beforehand! Keep of the great work!

imagine the one time you don’t have your computer with you

Playing any Roblox game will detect and fix the issue with Studio, leaving your Studio installation fully patched.

I’m guessing this won’t count for mobile, right?


For users that don’t end up seeing this or don’t bother getting the patch, what would happen? I, and likely some others don’t understand what would happen if the bootstrapper encountered an issue. Would MacOS crash? How serious is the consequence of it occurring?

This is covered in the announcement.

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How does joining a Roblox game fix it?


This is also covered in the announcement.


I seen that, I was just wondering if it would effect anything in terms of MacOS (not Studio). Good to know that it doesn’t, thanks.

I may or may not have skimmed it.

You will end up in a stuck state where the self-updater never believes that you’ve closed Studio and will therefore never proceed with the self-update. People who don’t patch their Studio install with one of these two methods by Wednesday Oct 2 will unfortunately end up in this state. At that point, to continue running Studio, they will need to download and re-run the Studio installer (the one linked in this post).

This is obviously a serious bug, and we’re changing our testing methodologies to make sure we catch stuff like this in the future. Unfortunately because of the nature of the bug, these two options are our best/only ones. Please help spread the word and let us know if you have any questions or run into problems.


Would it possibly be of benefit to include in the OP the affected studio version for OS X? This way users affected can verify and check they either need patching or have already done so by playing a game.

Some of my MacOS friends have already highlighted this and have already instructed people to check in About studio to verify their current studio version - but still need verification of what version is affected and what version going forward is patched.

Unfortunately due to the nature of the bug, the version number doesn’t change. If you’ve played a Roblox game since the announcement, you will be fixed. If you want to check, though, you can do this

grep com\.Roblox.Studio /Applications/RobloxStudio.app/Contents/MacOS/RobloxStudio.app/Contents/Info.plist

The correct value should be ‘com.Roblox.StudioBootstraper’. The incorrect value is ‘com.Roblox.Studio’.

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Was unaware of this and now I’m stuck!
I’ve tried various times to update and nothing is working. I need help asap!!

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Have you tried the two solutions given in the announcement?

I have tried both, and even the second one twice.
What should I do now?

What behavior are you seeing? The dialog that won’t go away?

You’ve downloaded that installer and run it, and it doesn’t close that dialog and get you to the current version?

Another thing to try is

pkill RobloxStudio

And then run the installer again.

It keeps giving me the RobloxStudio was unable to update message when I’ve almost downloaded it. Assuming that’s what you mean by dialogue.

If anyone is still stuck, please send me a direct message. It would be very helpful if you can include the most recent files named bootstrapper_*.txt in ~/Library/Logs/Roblox (you may have to put them in a pastebin or something similar).

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Weird, my studio was working fine when I used it yesterday. Maybe try doing a full re-install, removing all the roblox files, then download the dmg above.