Importing an Advent of Code table into Roblox?

Hi! I thought I’d participate in Advent of Code this year. I have all my code for the first challenge laid out, yet I cannot seem to figure out how to import my values into Roblox.

I thought Find All/Replace All might work if I pasted in the values and attempted to add commas on to each line/number, but that didn’t work out.

If someone could please lend me a hand with this, it would be greatly appreciated!

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Create a new module script, put this in it:

return [[


paste the input in the middle, pray it doesn’t have too many ]'s. Good luck! AoC is lots of fun, wish I had more time to spend on it :sob:

You can just add as many as = signs between [ and ] characters you want instead of just praying that [ and ] characters doesn’t malform the string:

return [===[

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Woah cool, thanks!

@op in case you need it, here’s how to split the input into lines and lines into e.g. space-separated values:

local lines = string.split(input, '/n')
function lineToNumbers(line)
    local ns = {}
    for _, word in pairs(string.split(line, ' ')) do end
        table.insert(ns, tonumber(word))
    return ns

This is nice, but how am I supposed to loop through it if it’s a string?

inputS = --your input

lines = string.split(inputS, '\n')
for i, line in ipairs(lines) do
   --code handling each line

I should add for the advent of code stuff, you will be manipulating strings a lot.

I’d recommend looking at all the methods strings have in luau (Roblox’s lua, which has gained a lot of methods recently): string | Roblox Creator Documentation