Importing cars to roblox

Hello All,

I am a first time dev, and as such there are a lot of things I don’t/didn’t know while developing my game. I hired freelancers to creat a lot of my game. One of these aspects was the vehicles. I paid someone on Fiver to “import cars to roblox”, I then paid someone else to redo the chassis and everything to work on mobile and such. Anyway, the longer I have done this the more I realized that maybe this guy that imported these vehicles may have took them from someone else? Obviously, my game is not yet released and I don’t want to use content I am not authorized to use. Is there a way to find who originally created the vehicles from the models? Is importing vehicles into games a common practice? I just want to confirm I’m not using unauthorized models and pay for them from the original owner if that is what happened. Any thoughts?


get the mesh id and go to and that could give you the creator of the mesh, i mean for sure someone could upload it as their own, but as a precaution you could check there

Well these freelancers on fiver I believe are importing them from other websites (non roblox). Is that common? Or is that a no no?

Regardless of where you purchased these models, unless the person you purchased from stated they were original models and/or this was implied, you’d still be liable as you should have done your due dilligence. Importing meshes to roblox is as simple as a drag and drop, the difficult part is creating models - you should have hired a 3d modelling freelance from Fiverr.

I would highly recommend you consult the artist that you paid on Fiverr and ask if they created the models. If they didn’t, request a refund from Fiverr if it was implied in the contract.

If it wasn’t implied in the contract, I would recommend not using said assets unless you want to get DMCA’d by a plaintiff.

p.s. I can confirm it is a ‘no no’ to import models from other websites if they aren’t under a royalty free copyright license that doesn’t require attribution. Ask them what license the object is under, if it only requires attributes ensure that you list the attribution list. If it’s copyright, do not include it in your game, and request a refund if it was implied in your contract that the artist would provide you with novel models.

i didn’t even consider that. if it’s outside of roblox that would be very hard to find, unless you can reverse search an entire file like google image search

Thanks for the reply, this specific freelancer is no longer active. I bought these a few months back and fiver freelancers aren’t normally around for very long (unless they do it full time for a living). I wouldn’t consider his profile being gone shady or anything, I just want to find a way to confirm via the models themselves who the original builder was or where they came from.

Ok so I looked into the models a little more. It looks like there is a note from Avxnturador | Novena. Looks like they could be his models. Or maybe its just the Chassis on the cars?