Impossible to see scrollbar in the side-nav menu with dark theme enabled

Slightly trivial matter, but on the Roblox website with dark theme enabled, it is currently impossible to discern the scrollbar, this makes it hard to see whether there’s any ongoing events etc.

Video demonstrates:

As you can see, the scrollbar isn’t clearly visible and some newer users might not even know about its existence.

With light-theme enabled however, this isn't the case.

The date this started occurring is not known, and it could be intentional?

To reproduce:

go to and open the menu, with dark theme applied through the settings, the scrollbar should be almost invisible and hard to notice.

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Can confirm, it’s so faint I can barely even see it. I didn’t even know a scroll bar existed there, I always thought you had to use the scroll wheel or your fingers to scroll down.

Can you spot it? I can’t.

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