Improve game performance without loosing detail

This game has a lot of detail, but after a while we noticed the game is extremely laggy and the performance is terrible, sometimes loading up the game is extremely hard and its hard to move around.
our game is detail-based and we do not wanna loose much detail
and want to majorly improve performance on low-end and high-end computers.
We have all parts in folders, grouped, everything is organized in the explorer
here is the link if anyone would want too help

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When I played I got a good frame rate and it didn’t seem too bad, but maybe that is just me. With most SCP games the majority of the gameplay is indoors, so maybe try getting it to work with streaming could help. Try setting the StreamingMinRadius to the size of a room in your build then StreamingTargetRadius to the size of the largest area in your build plus a bit more.


Gonna be taking a look into that, thank you so much, I feel like I knew of this feature as I saw other large scaled maps use this to load everything in like chunks.