Improve on Airport Design

Here’s my airport that I am currently building. I do not like the outside design of the airport, any tips to help me improve it?


Please provide more screenshots, we don’t really see anything this way, further from the one screenshot that I do see, it looks a bit blank.

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I added some more images, so you can see the front part and other areas

the roof looks like some interesting design, further, it looks kinda empty and blank like i said before

I like how you built the roof but the walls and windows are kind of repetitive.

Oh, how can I improve the design of the windows exterior?

Try adding like these kind of windows, also add a bit of details to the wall.

I do like the roof, it got a very cool pattern. But, the outside of the build seems pretty empty. I suggest adding some plants, signs to tell where the player is going, and also add more colors to the design of the building. Overall, it looks very good.

I really dig the roof, but u gotta change the windows. Not the entire wall should be windows.