Improved Group Search Feature

Improved Group Search Feature

On Roblox currently I feel that the group search feature could really be improved, at the current point in time their is around 6.3 million groups so I’m not expecting a miracle fixture but what I would like to see is if I look up a specific phrase I get more relevant results.

Here is an example of what happens when you search up “British Army” in the current search system:

With some of these, I can understand why I might be interested - United States Army or the Red Army for example - if I’m looking at ro-military. However what I don’t approve of is my top result was “Ashe Army” which isn’t even relevant to my actual search. Don’t get me wrong, some people will want to be involved with that but why would I want it as my top result?

Now to really iterate my point:

I looked up French Army, now this was disappointing:

I didn’t see my first group with anything to do with “French Army” until page 7. And for those who might complain that people most interested in these are likely to be French so they’ll have a French name…

A few suggestions which might be better:

  • A tag system, so you can enter tags and then get results i.e. if you search up “British Army” the two tags would be “British” and “Army” because they are obviously key ideas.
  • Some at least pre-listed ones categorized ones to at least show up.

I use to remember back in 2015 when you searched up a group and it actually gave you a list of key term relevant groups. :sob:


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