Improvements on my menu UI?

I’m making a survival/economy game, and for the lobby I decided to add a menu UI, for the player. I you have any suggestions for me on how to improve this, then please let me know, or just tell me if you like it or not.


it’s really bland, and try using a different layout because this type of layout is really overused and not original.

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And a good example would be like…?

this person made a good UI because they had a unique layout and not just 3 buttons. try adding more things to the menu and not just 3 buttons because then it would look like you followed a tutorial.
also the camera movement is really linear and doesn’t have any easing, so i’d recommend trying to make it ease out when the mouse stops moving.
the background is also a little plain, try adding some characters to it
ALSO the tweeting is linear and not really pleasing to look at

I won’t try to copy this but can you give me suggestions on what to add, like, what buttons or stats to add?

try doing things like an credits button, settings button, maybe donations, shops, and more detail and try not to leave the space so empty. can’t really think of much since i don’t know what the game is like but that’s all i got

The UI looks good. Some of the text is too close to the borders of the text boxes though. Otherwise, nice job on this UI!

So, to put in basic terms, the menu looks empty?

I actually tried avoiding this, since my game isn’t finished and I don’t want to be filling the menu with buttons that lead to a Coming Soon! text.

Should I remove the entire menu UI, and focus on making it implanted into the physcial lobby itself, in the house? Because I’ve seen many popular games do that.

thats not a bad idea, but if you do end up making it physical make it easy to access and not just all over the house

I improved the UI a little bit, by adding highlights.


add stuff to make it less boring… Maybe a character model at the right, better, and more buttons, and maybe have the camera swap around positions across the map like in nn. Maybe have the ui be more consistent… The tutorial switch places was great, but the ui didnt dissapear quick enough, try replicating that in the play section, make the ui dissapear quickly so theres no 1 second delay. Also add more feedback for people to know that they clicked the button. Maybe make it vibrate or rotate a bit

I’ve always wondered how people make UIs that show physical objects in-game.

to be fair, i also dont know how. But it doesnt hurt to learn it or try it out

Just googled it. It’s something with ViewportFrames.

I don’t think it’s boring because there’s not a lot to it, I think it’s boring because it’s so slow! In my opinion, the UI should slide in just as fast as the camera settles into some position. Personally, I don’t like pressing the button to show information (tutorial) and having to wait 3 seconds for some fancy transitions.

While I agree there should be more feedback on the buttons (perhaps drawing away all of the other buttons quicker and before the one you pressed), I think the overall style of them is fine for your style of game.

I managed to change some things up, but it’s not 100% done yet. (It looks empty).

You need to add more shape to it, for example, add a frame to the left and make the buttons on it with a better looking background and more colors/shape, not just a rectangle with black rectangles. It’s better to change the font for the game name, make it larger, or increase spacing between each character, it’s your game’s name so it needs to be more than clear. The hover animation is good, you won’t need the border animations tho, changing the background looks better, It’s more of a personal opinion though, other animations need to be faster. Changing the background would also be good, it’s too bright. Either use UIs or place the camera somewhere else where it’s darker and looks better. Adding the character is also good but it doesn’t fit all game genres. It’s for survival so adding your character should fit pretty well in my opinion.

…and make the buttons on it with a better looking background and more colors/shape…

The buttons already have “lots of color and shape”, they change color, thickness and even rotation when hovered on.

… It’s better to change the font for the game name, …

The font for the title looks good, I don’t necessarily plan on changing it.

… It’s for survival so adding your character should fit pretty well in my opinion. …

I tried adding a character using a ViewportFrame, but it just didn’t work out.

Not really, it’s just black border with white text. adding just a border doesn’t look good, I meant adding a background to it, that’ll allow you to add more variety in your animations too, not just thickness. There’s no rotation or did you add it and forget to update the video?

Didn’t look good or couldn’t get it to work? If it looks bad, it’s most probably from the scene, as I mentioned before, it’s too bright. If it didn’t work, I can help you with that.

Look at the video and check again. When you hover over the button it changes lots of colour and dimensions.