Improving my snowball system?

Hello, I’ve recently created a snowball system which I now require feedback on. Specifically, the ease of killing another player, which I have been concerned about during development. Currently, I feel it may slightly too hard to kill another player, but I wish to get some opinions on it before I decide to seek for solutions.

Here is the link:

I thank you for your time :slight_smile:

[You need at least one more player on the server to test this properly]

Can you tell us the controls


The UI should have indicated F to reload. The rest is quite self explanatory. Click to shoot, WASD to move, etc. Which I am sure you could figure out.

dosen’t work for me


Are you sure? I’m in the game right now and it works fine. Are you getting any errors?

reloading dosen’t work for me
logs: image

entered with other account and it works

NOTE: The above issues have now been resolved.

I think the snowball system is great! but i think you should add particles to the snowball, when it has hitted something, and making the snowball round. Maybe adding a large snowball, which you can throw if you have 5 snowballs, would be cool! But other than that good work! :+1: