In Game Announcement Board Troubles

So for about 5 years, I had an announcement board that would let group staff members use and broadcast it throughout the game on those boards. Recently, it broke and the scripter who scripted it is now inactive. Can someone possibly fix or help me with this problem? Thank you! The script is in the game as below.
Message = script.Parent.SurfaceGui.Frame.Message

Person = script.Parent.SurfaceGui.Frame.Person

Message2 = script.Parent.SurfaceGui.Frame.Message2

theme = script.Parent.SurfaceGui.Frame.theme

picture = script.Parent.SurfaceGui.Frame.ImageLabel

ticking = script.Parent.Tick

a = require(317923405)

function onPlayerEntered(player)




Unfortunately since they went inactive, the module that is the sole proprietary API for your board is now lost, and without further information on what exactly it did we can’t really assist you. Sorry!

Edit: Though if you can give me insight as to what the GUI looked like when in operation, I could possibly assist you in rewriting it.

Thank you that’ll be so helpful! Would you need a description and a screenshot to see what it looks like?

Preferably, sorry for my slow response times I was a bit busy.

Edit: Also, take this to DMs if you would so we’re not discussing this in a help thread.