In-Game Leaderboard thread shows outdated leaderboard(s) images

On the In-Game Leaderboards article/page on the Developer Hub, there are some outdated images of the leaderboard that is provided upon the article itself.

Instead, it should be replaced with the new and re-branded version of the leaderboard as it is shown here:

With the change it’ll need, it could also show what features and settings you can do with the leaderboard that “could” be controlled by a script through API(?), other than that, outdated.

It should be updated and have the new and updated leaderboard up to not mistaken present/newer developers who view the article and see the legacy leaderboard and mistaken it as the “new” or “current” leaderboard in most cases; did confuse me one point before reading the new updates and videos of the new leaderboard.


Hi there,
I just updated the article to show the new visual style, as well as some other minor cleanup. Could you be more specific about what kinds of additional scripting you’d like to see in this (or future) articles on leaderboards?


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Thank you for updating the article/document! It looks better this way and a nice improvement to the article itself. :+1:

Hmm, I’ve added a ‘?’ at the end of my statement or sentence about some scripting if Roblox Staff that are behind the Developer Hub maybe had some ideas with this. I do have some ideas that might be beneficial for future developers who might read the article.

Some examples that I had in mind were:

  • A way to disable some buttons inside the CoreGui of the leaderboard such as the leaderboard, or change the KeyCode to open the leaderboard itself.
  • Ability to customize creator/membership icon inside a game, probably the creator icon(?).
  • And lastly, maybe another datastore or stats like is explained about “...or the fastest time in a race.” and how that will work inside a racing game.

Maybe these might not be feasible for the article, but one of those examples could be possible to do for the leaderboard documentation.

Good suggestions!

By “disable some buttons inside the leaderboard”, do you mean the “Examine Avatar” slide-out? If so (and you may already know this), that can be disabled via

As for changing the hotkey to open it, you can’t do so… although you can “free” the hotkey by disabling the leaderboard entirely as outlined in

Creator icon also can’t be changed by any means that I’m aware of.

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Ah, didn’t know that those API articles existed or that we can’t edit icons or hotkeys for the leaderboard and such to my proper knowledge, thanks for those heads-up.

Also, how about my last suggestion that I suggested in the reply that I made about some stuff that could be added to the In-Game Leaderboard API:

Anywho, would like somewhat my suggestion about timing to become a thing, thank you for the clarification! :+1: