In game leaderboards that display stats of players who are not in game

I have had a search around and have been unable to find answers to what I am looking for. I am trying to create a leaderboard in game which displays the users with the top stats ever earned. I have seen multiple tutorials for “global leaderboards” but these seem to only display in-game users? Am I mistaken, searching for the wrong things, or just lost… If someone could point me in the direction of a tutorial or information about making this i’d really appreciate it.

It is a global leaderboard. I’m pretty sure they’re using datastores in making them, resulting in a server-wide leaderboard with the same information displayed.

você pode usar OrderedDataStore | Roblox Creator Documentation
to create this

tell me if you have any questions

I’ll create an example code, wait

Thank you for confirming. What would I need to do differently to make a leaderboard display the top stats of all players, instead of just the ones in the server?

You would need to set up an OrderedDataStore saving the corresponding stat you want displayed in order.

This should help you:

Doing this will allow players to view the players with the highest stats, no matter if they’re in that server.