In game VIP server teleport


I’ve been working with VIP servers recently, and had a pretty cool idea. I think it would be pretty convenient for my players to be able to teleport to VIP servers they’re part of, via an in game menu.

Is there a way of listing the VIP servers a player is part of, and teleporting into them? I haven’t been able to find much that could help on the wiki.


You might wanna check this out
and this

This doesn’t actually get the vip servers the Player is allowed in though. Without searching through the API(on my phone) the best way to brute force it is check every time they join the server to check if the server is a VIP server then add it to a datastore of what vip servers they are in. This means they would have to join the vip servers first before it loads though.


The only VIP server endpoints I was capable of digging up were from Games v1 and they don’t have anything on retrieving a player’s VIP servers, only the information a VIP server given it’s id.

Don’t believe there is any non-hacky or supported way to do this at the moment.