In need of a builder and scripter for simulator

About me:
I am a 13 year old UI designer trying to get better at UI design

The Scripter will get 40% of profits made from the game!
The Builder will get 40% of profits made from the game!

About the Job:
I am looking for good and experienced scripters and builders I will most likely hire you if you are very confindent about your work! This game is called Coin Collecting Simulator!

Contact me:
You can contact me on Discord Kreeves#9514 or Twitter @KreevessDev

I’m looking forward to the people that apply and thanks for reading!

No offense but I would suggest rethinking the game name, make it more catchy, and also if you wan the game to do well think of something that is original, not another coin collecting simulator.

I don’t think giving percentages is a very good idea. I believe you should give guaranteed
payment instead of percentages.

I’d suggest mentioning backup payments. Since there are lots of similar games like yours, it would help to reassure people who are potentially interested that there is a guaranteed method of payment for their work.

yea, there is a risk on accepting percentages. I strongly suggest to add a back up payment.

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