In need of a Rank Management Designer

I’m in need of a Rank Management Designer, must be sleek, and can design quickly. I am paying around 750 Robux half through group funds and a half through T-Shirt. If you would like this job, you need to show your portfolio down below.

Discord - pruhjectiles#1156

Let me clarify;

I will pay monthly for a service. 750 per month lifetime.

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So like a center where you buy ranks?

-30 characters. Yes, correct. 3

Just a note for scripters this problem is tough to tackle, roblox offers no clear way to rank someone in a group through a script. The only, non supported way, is to use a web server that’s connected to a bot in their group to rank people. This is inefficient but I understand why roblox wouldn’t want a direct way to rank someone in a group. I tried to take this challenge and just couldn’t. If anyone knows a better way please dm me.

Its pretty easy you just get an account on and search up tutorials on

Little bit more complicated than that, the article I read said you could use a link that contained extra data. This is really un-secure and would leave a huge back door for hackers where that could just visit a link and get owner rank, I could limit the max rank that get, or I could add other security measures, like a one-time pin or something. But it’s stupidly hard. I would just hire mod/admins to rank people if they buy the rank in-game. This would only be applicable to people with huge communities and it’s very unlikely they could keep up with demand. If someone had a large enough community then they could pay for a webhosting provider, this would negate my point about the expense of a web server.Either way you do this you’re very at risk for hackers and you’re at risk of a server not firing or a sudden downtime then you have to go through and give everyone who bought a gamepass their rank.

No you make the bot the 2nd highest rank you do not make the bot the owner of give your cookies. The rank the bot is is the max rank to be ranked to.

if you disliked my previous design,i can change it for free

well you still have to pay me for the previous design

I’m a new dev, but I know how to change group roles from a script and I’m interested. Because I’m new, I’ll go for a low price (550 - 700 Robux)

Edit: I messaged you

wait…you can actually do that?

Yes. I found a tutorial on YouTube once, but they must’ve taken down the video after because I couldn’t find it again. It’s pretty simple though, it used .

There’s no function to do it, you have to use HTTP Service.

theres a dev forum tutorial about it…I thought youre going to ONLY use script

What do you mean… I don’t think it’s possible to change a group rank only from a script without a 3rd party service if that’s what your asking.

well i thought you knew how to change the roles without a 3rd party service because you were charging robux

Why wouldn’t I charge Robux… they didn’t say it was for free.

you misunderstood me…and i dont want to waste my time explaining to you,Have a good day.

btw shes charging for the 750 for the design

The only problem I have with setting up webservers for clients if they aren’t longterm is is free cause downtime, you’ll have to fill in the gaps.If you want full time servers you have to pay.

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