In need of a user interface gfxer/designer!


Greetings! So lately I’ve been trying to get in back into developing a bowling game I’ve been making, and the user interface that I made for it, just really isn’t that good. I’d appreciate something that pops, using graphics and stuff rather than just the default Roblox UI elements that I used. I’m still thinking about if I want to hire some one for this job or not (I’m still waiting to get some more payment for it) and I would pay in Robux for this. After viewing the game below to see what you’d have to remake, you could just tell me what price you think would be fair for it. Also, I would request that you could show me any of your past work, or anything that shows you as a legitimate designer. (apart from forum status.)

Here’s the game if you’d like to view the interface:

If you need any other information regarding this, I’d be happy to supply. Thank you!


Still looking for designers that could make a clean UI with custom images/graphics to make it pop.


I don’t have any other examples on me now but below is some UI I’ve been working on recently.

Do you have any examples of the UI you would want your game to be like?

Also I wouldn’t recommend posting here unless you know you’ll be hiring as any conversation between you and a potential artist could potentially be pointless and you could just end up saying “sorry can’t afford”.


Just replying to this thread as I might need other people I could contact, as Oryxide hasn’t been responding to my message. Not sure if he’s busy, or if he’s just not interested.

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