In need of quick testers

(I’m making this for second time, cause for first time the game was private - my own fault.)


I’m MCvojtik and i’ve made different car controls (how good is car controllable).

However i can’t decide which one to implement into the game, so i need you to test every car type and finally decide which car was the best to control and drive.

About the job
So simply i need you to join the game, drive all car types and after driving, place a vote on any of the cars, which was the best to maneuver and drive. (The voting button is under the sign, which tells what type of car it is.)

Also everyone can vote only once.

Everything has been set up already, so you don’t need to worry about waiting or anything.

Don’t expect any payment from this, it’s a quick and easy job.

Join here
This is the game with all car types: MCvojtik121’s Place Number: 8 - Roblox

Thanks for reading, i hope you will decide right.

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