In Plain Sight 2 - v2.2.0 Update Changelog

A Christmas In Plain Sight

  • In a final attempt to get off the naughty list, the thieves have been plotting their biggest plan yet… putting up Christmas decorations!
  • The police, however, will not be having any of this seasonal joy. No amount of holiday magic will relieve the thieves’ crimes…
  • Thieves can collect decorations from piles near some deposit points on all maps
    • Theses decorations can be placed at a blue decoration marker
    • Once placed, cameras can fire 3 lasers at them to remove them
  • There is a new holiday-only collectable/currency: Holiday Cheer
    • Earned by thieves decorating and maintaining their decorations throughout the round
    • Cameras can also earn Holiday Cheer by taking down the thieves’ decorations with lasers
    • The amount of Holiday Cheer you have can be viewed above the missions board in the lobby
    • This currency is saved between sessions
  • Added Cole, a new special limited-time event thief rewarded for every 70 Holiday Cheer you gain


  • Happy holidays from IPS2!
    • It has started snowing in the lobby
    • Golden items have been reskinned as frozen items
  • Revamped settings menu featuring sections to allow for more settings in the future
  • New game statistics menu
    • Available in the new settings menu
    • These stats have been being tracked since the release of the rewrite update
    • However, total thief and camera earnings have been being tracked since the game’s release

Monthly Leaderboards

  • Rewards are now given out to the top 15 players
  • Rankings will give different numbers of copies of the respective Champion skin
    • Placing 1-5 gives 3 copies
    • Placing 6-10 gives 2 copies
    • Placing 11-15 gives 1 copy


  • Certain stacked trays in School are now stolen in the correct order
  • The mannequins in Mall are now stolen in the correct order


  • Executive no longer receives a squad support bonus for each meeting attendee
  • Rose can now use her ability during the escape time
  • Crystalflxme now has 40 weight capacity (from 45)
  • Celebi now recieves less squad support bonus
  • Payday no longer has a revive speed buff


  • Deadeye now has a more fitting description and ability name

Quality of Life

  • New method of picking teams for more “randomized” selection
    • The new system works off of randomized weighting rather than only random chance
    • This means that you’ll see more consistent chances of being a camera
  • Lasering Greenhorn’s rocks as camera now displays a color to indicate the special interaction
  • Players who left during the round no longer show as if they received a bonus
  • The game no longer prompts voting menus while you are AFK

Bug Fixes

  • Exterminator gas bombs and other projectiles no longer get stuck in the school gym ceiling
  • Various other small bug fixes