[In Progress] feelyoursouI - Builder

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:Hey there! My name is Cameron, known as feelyoursouI on the Roblox platform! I’ve been a builder for about 1 year, and I’m learning almost everyday! My commissions serve as a way to not only please my customers, but to also gain more insight as to how the industry is changing everyday. I hope you or your group will give me a chance!

:clock1230: I try to work on builds almost everyday, but for right now, I have a set hours of operation (Which can be found below).

Sunday - Thursday

➜ 5:30 PM EST to 11:00 PM EST (Exceptions are made IF I am out on a certain day).

Friday - Saturday

➜ 1:00 PM EST to 1:00 AM EST (Exceptions are made IF I am not attending any events, always feel free to ask!).

I’d like to point out that these hours of operations are NOT a final thing, they are a foundation to establish whenever I am available. I usually just work on builds whenever I’m allocated to, so there’s that! :smiley:

Below you may find examples of my work! I’ll be updating this whenever I get more work in, I’ll also update whenever I get more work examples that are all over my computer LOL.

Click to view my examples.

Coming soon!

:money_with_wings: I take pride in my work, so therefore I feel as though my prices are beneficial to me and my clients. As always, I’ll provide exceptions if I see that it’s needed.

Small Builds

➜ Small builds are defined as a build such as a SMALL interview center, house for a roleplay family, hangout spot (Just inside), etc.
➜ Prices start at R$ 1,000 or $15.00 USD.

Medium Builds

➜ Medium builds are defined as a small cafe, interview center, training center, skyscraper building, etc.
➜ Prices start at R$ 2,000 or $25.00 USD.

Large Builds

➜ Large builds are defined as a large cafe, large training center, hangout game with an expansive area, or a medium sized simulator.
➜ Prices start at R$ 3,500 or $40.00 USD.

Accepted payment methods are Paypal, Square Cash, and Robux. Any Robux payments must either be from group funds, or must include tax (%30) if a T-Shirt. No exceptions will be made to the tax.

:speech_balloon: See what others have to say about my services!

:phone: Contact methods ensure that I get your communication and that I can start you build. View below.


This is the fastest way to get in-touch with me. My tag is cameron…#1937.


Message me on DevForum or reply to this post!

Roblox Messaging

This is the slowest way, but I still reply fast. My username is feelyoursouI (feelyoursoui).

  • All models used within my game are from an outside vendor purchased exclusively for commission-related purposes (No, not Toolbox). I ask that you include them in your credits for your game, which will be provided later.
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I would suggest finishing you portfolio before releasing it. Use #bulletin-board to get it finished before releasing it to the public. :slight_smile:

Hi! My portfolio is basically done, I’m just trying to go through my computer to find my examples (I need to work on my organizing). Thanks for the concern though, I’ll for sure move it to bulletin board!

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