[IN PROGRESS] Ro-Pinball!

A pinball board made using Roblox. Still a work in progress, though flippers, plungers, and kickers work. Excuse me for potato framerate :c


This reminds me of the pinball machine Stickmasterluke made ‘back in the days’. It looks pretty good for how much there is. I’d add a lot of side paths you can shoot the ball in. You should off course also add the standard stuff like the 3 bounce thingies at the top (idk what they are called).

This is really neat i love it

I agree with Zomebody, also it’d be cool if you add like multiple colors you can pick from just to make it colorful :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe, you could also add diffrent themes to it! Maybe a roler-coaster theme, or a highway theme for example! Looks good so far. :slight_smile:

make a lobby, and make them go to different boards, like clone’s murder game.

Awesome idea, I can easily see this gaining popularity if you released it. It has some good potential for earning some R$ (selling themes, Dev products allowing you to buy additional balls, etc.).

Perhaps the machine should be just a little bit bigger.