[In Search] Looking for Someone to Learn Lua Together


Howdy! Welcome to my post! I am King, a Roblox Game Producer, Gameplay Animator, and Game Designer. I’ve lately become deeply interested, and hearing people around, they all started by learning with someone such as a relative, friend, or partners. Therefore, I would like to partner with someone who is a beginner or basic programmer in Lua, and learn, thrive, and work together.


  • Be Responsive and Active

  • Act Mature

  • Age over 13

  • Able to communicate over Discord

  • Have Passion over Programming

Nice to Have Traits

  • Have experience in working together
  • Able to Voice Call
  • Have experience in Other Developing Fields
  • Also would like to partner up to learn Lua


If interested and meet all requirements, hopefully having some traits listed above, Private Message me through Devforum, or send me a message via Discord (KingTrolling#2815).

Thank you for reading!