“In Studio” and "Online" status shows as “Playing” in Home page on mobile

I opened the mobile app just today and noticed that some of my friends aren’t showing in alphabetical order even though, they were all playing a game. I decided to see what’s up with the “unsorted” friends and noticed that they’re all in studio.

The bug happens 100% of the time and I have noticed it earlier today (around 3pm EST).

How to reproduce?

  1. Open up the mobile app
  2. Look at your friends list on the Home page.
  3. Press on the profile of one of your friends that didn’t get sorted with the rest.
  4. Go to their profile.

What’s supposed to happen?
You should see their status as in-game and they’re supposed to be sorted with the rest of the friends.

What actually happens?
They’re not being sorted with the rest and their status on the home page shows as “in-game” instead of “in studio”.

Video on how to reproduce:


This is also happening to me. I believe this happens when they are active too.


I am also experiencing this. Its really annoying because it says your friend is playing and when you go to join him hes just online.


Yes, all people are Green, which means they’re playing.
If I open my whole friend list, then I can see what they really do.

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Since this latest Roblox Version 2.400.336387, the home page on Roblox is displaying online Roblox users not playing any games with a green icon than the blue icon used to display online users. This showing on both my tablet and phone.

Some evidence of it.


An update for the mobile app was rolled out 2 days ago and the bug still persists. Is there any update on it?

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Sorry for bumping, but after all the Roblox mobile updates this one issue is occuring still.


It’s been almost three months since first reported and it’s still happening. Any ETA on when it’s going to be fixed?


I can’t tell if this is relevant. But my entire home page says all my friends are on when only the first shown is actually online (not playing a game).

Also producing a loading error every attempt you make to reload the page.


This happens for me too actually, didn’t even think about it sorting in alphabet to begin with but I notice it now, one of my friends in studio weren’t sorted correctly and displayed as in-game on Home.


Also Happening for me, the players shown below are not playing a game but under other players there is the game title.


Thank you all for reporting this. We are looking into it!