In terms of animations/sequences, client or server?

So my goal is too create a missile launch animation, i.e start up, smoke emitting, such and such.

However I am conflicted on whether doing it via server script is viable or doing :FireAllClients() and doing it client sided would be better. Anyone able too give their 2 cents on it?


i’ve watched a video about making effects in roblox game and a quote was in it that i’ve been trying to keep in mind: “making effects on the server is a crime.” this is because then it has to replicate to all players in the game at it might look crappy, but if you do it in a local script it doesn’t need to replicate to the server so its a much smoother experience most likely (this is probably mostly just an opinion)


Nah tbh it’s probably more fact than opinion, I guess it would make sense too do it on the client because it’s either send data too the client once or have too replicate literally everything.


(Accidental reply)

If effects are done by the Server:

  1. Will take more to process and replicate due to latency (will be different depending on region)
  2. takes way some available networking and processing space, which slows down the server

This is why people always recommend you reserve anything Server heavy to calulations and execution, which is where the usage of a RemoteEvent comes in where you would send a request to the Server, and then back to all Clients to execute the effects on all users clients for it to be really smooth.

Client sided things (depending on whether roblox wants them to) only function and execute on the users device, and doesnt replicate things to the server which makes it much smoother to process and execute, and as stated, why people recommend you use RemoteEvents and :FireAllClients() for these kinds of purposes. A Con of this however is that you can cause more lag on the users device as everything on the client is what’s being processed on the users device rather than roblox’s servers.

Some effects replicate across the Server/Client even if executed on the Client, like the Player, their Animations, and a few other things.


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