[In3DSpace Studios] Hiring Long-Term Modeler | Pay Per Asset or %


We are a game development group that is looking for one more person, which could be YOU, to complete our team!

The Team
@alexop1000 - Technical Director // Programmer
@SubmergedDuckArts - Creative Director // UI Designer, Graphics Artist, Concept Artist
@You - Modeler, Texture Painter

To view some of our past/recent work we post, check our Twitter here:

The Job

We are looking for an experienced modeler to be part of our team. As our modeler, you will be modeling almost all if not all our in-game physical assets. Many of the currently required assets have already been modeled by our previous employed modeler. Therefore you will need to be able to texture paint. Examples are provided below of both a typical model for the game, along with the previous texture that we cannot use anymore. You will be given blueprint-type concept art to model from. Your model does not have to look exactly like the concept art, as the concept art is only to be used as a stimulus if you get stuck with ideas.

Note: You will be given a small task to complete when applying, so we can make sure you are cut out for the task.

More info will be provided to you if you are accepted as our modeler and texture painter.

Concept Art Example

Examples of What We Are Looking For


  • At least 13 years of age
  • Time Management: be able to provide models on agreed due dates (with perhaps a 1-2 day leeway if certain emergencies do come up)
  • Honesty
  • Demonstrates a fair understanding of modeling knowledge & efficiency (either in test trial and/or throughout a portfolio given by you)
  • Your motivation doesn’t entirely come from just money
  • This project is your top priority project (of course school work/life comes at the top of your overall priorities)
  • Read labels in the concept art given
  • Be able to handle constructive criticism of your work


We are currently offering 2 payment methods. These can be negotiated in private if you are accepted.

  • 1-2k Robux Per Asset/Module (Model) with an additional amount for the texture based on complexity and detail.
  • 5-20% Calculated each month from release based on the amount of modeling work done that month. (With a guaranteed 20% for at least the first 2 months after release)

Contact Us

  • Discord:
    -alexop1000: Alex Op#0001
    -SubmergedDuckArts: bloop#6117

Alternatively, contact us here via the DevForum.

Please read everything thoroughly from top to bottom. If you are interested in the job, do contact us, thanks!


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