Inaccurate UI position?

– removed so that the code doesn’t get leaked any further –

Did you check the IgnoreGuiInset box on the ScreenGui? Could be the problem.

I didn’t check the IgnoreGuiInset box.

This just looks like float inaccuracy that exists in pretty much all languages. You can try to just round the value, but there is no fundamental fix for this

the inset shouldn’t cause any problems since the scale value is, after all, a scale

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You could use math.ceil to round to the smallest integer.

math.ceil rounds to the smallest integer greater than or equal to the argument given, which in no way will work for scales, which requires at least another digit of precision. math.round() should be used here, since you can specify the precision.

@ScriptedSuper please don’t remove the code since other people in the future might use this for reference. If you don’t want your code leaked, just don’t post it anywhere. Besides it’s not like anyone is going to leak 10 lines of code