(INACTIVE COMMISSION) My new cafe (Pekoe) is currently seeking a new Scripter/Programmer!

Hello! This is a recruitment post, regarding the fact that my new company I’m starting on Roblox, which will be a cafe focusing on making tea drinks, are seeking a programmer/scripter. The name of my new starting company is “Pekoe.” Which is a black tea made from young leaves.

We are looking for an excellent scripter. We need one that can exceed to the limit. If you have any experience with scripting cafes or similar to that, etc. this may be for you. Scripting will include UIs, drinks, food machines, etc.

Me and my new company are willing to pay USD through the PayPal method. Rarely a good 40-USD to 60-USD.

You can contact me through replying to this DevFourm post or on Discord at “niko.#1183

Best Regards,


You know, you can edit your first thread to change or add more details to it.
And can you give information! on what will the Scripter be doing?

Uhm, no need to use exclamation points to “yell”, and you could ask me nicely. The Scripter will be programming UIs, programming the drinks, cups, etc.

Oh alright i see, may you put that in the thread so other’s can know to.

Just did, already. Thanks for the feedback advice tho.

Okay, message me the link on Discord or on here.

Can you give an example of a food machine?
Do you do robux payouts as well?

Like scripting a coffee machine. Like scripting when you, for example: put the cup over the machine and the machines spills coffee into the cup. And, I could do payouts but I would still go with PayPal.

Okie, I don’t directly know how to do these effects, so I’ll leave it to others. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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