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so i was working on a lot of things, something started conflicting and this game never saved anymore, i was trying to solve this myself and i corrupted the place. maybe its because of all those ceinder moethuses with a possibly high part count. (this is my first time using devforums so i might fail at being good here)

Hiya! I might have a solution for you that I found from another post.

Here’s something I quoted from the other post:

Some bad cache invalid/“bad” cache entries may have been created in your http and plugin caches on disk.

if you are on OSX/Mac, open terminal and remove this directory by typing this in the terminal
rm -r $TMPDIR/Roblox/http

If you’re in Windows, you can try opening an explorer window and
typing this in the search bar:
and then delete all the files contained in the http folder.

If you’d like to look at the post I found this information from this thread:

Try these:

•Restarting Studio
•Restarting your device
•Checking if this occurs on all of your games
•Reinstalling Roblox Studio

i dont even know how to clean files
also i am obviously using windows 10

Think he is saying to just delete everything that is in %Temp%\Roblox\http and try again.

Do not delete anything here else Roblox won’t start in some cases!

Ah. I forgot to mention. Uninstall and Reinstall Roblox Player and Roblox Studio after you do it. Let me edit my original reply.

I’ve never experienced this error but you don’t need to reinstall Roblox after cleaning the http temporary directory, Roblox will automatically rebuild the required files.

Then I’m confused. What’s wrong with my original reply?

Edit: Never mind. I realized I was unclear in my OR.

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