Include Blue “unread” dot on mobile

So those that use both desktop and mobile versions of the devforum know that there’s “read” and “unread” posts on topics. Scrolling down on a post will mark it as “read“. On the desktop version, there’s a blue dot that marks posts as unread and disappears once the post is read. I think we should add this blue dot to mobile as well. It certainly helps me when I’m browsing to see what I’ve already read and I often find myself wishing it was on mobile as well since I use both desktop and mobile daily.

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Do you mean this?

These are actually the dots I was referring to:

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I’m currently on my phone and I have it.

Uhm. Ok that’s concerning because that dot doesn’t show up on my phone but it shows up on my pc. I wonder if it’s either a glitch or different from phone to phone. Might I ask what you’re using?

I have it on my phone. Usually it appears on the top of your profile. There would be a blue dot there

It’s on mobile for me, chances are it’s disappearing before you notice it.

You’re on some type of tablet, or your screen is bigger than most mobiles, or you’re on landscape mode. Since the screen-space is much bigger, it shows the dots.

Simple answer is that it doesn’t show on mobile since the screen is too small for it, not because it’s “disappearing before you see it”.

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You’re wrong. I’m using a normal smartphone and it still shows the dots. I even have a really old smartphone with a small screen and dots are still visible.

I’m on phone right now and they definitely don’t show up. When I request desktop view on the same device they do. Pretty sure it isn’t terribly hard to notice the dots showing up, I’d have noticed.

you’re taking about dots on the main devforum page or elsewhere. me and the op are talking about the dots on actual posts, as highlighted below

The only phone I can’t see it on is my iPhone 4S, but that’s due to some weird scaling issues, probably because Discourse doesn’t really support it. Could be your issue?

Ye, probably scaling issues with the size of your screen.

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@Mario_Fan8055 can you mark one of the posts here as solution so staff know this is not a forum issue?

Well, we haven’t really reached a solution have we?

Oh I guess we have, scaling must be the issue