Inconsistent default UIGridStyleLayout.LayoutOrder value when Instantiating and Inserting

Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Insert a UIGridStyleLayout
  2. Use to create a new UIGridStyleLayout
  3. Compare LayoutOrder default property

Expected Behavior:
LayoutOrder default SortOrder value should be consistent when Instantiating and Inserting

Actual Behavior:
Instantiated UIGridStyleLayout default value is SortOrder.Name:

Inserted UIGridStyleLayout default value is SortOrder.LayoutOrder:


I’m pretty sure this is intentional to preserve instantiating behavior and keep older games acting normally, while still giving developers better default values when they insert new ones. It’s present in a lot of different classes, especially older ones.


pay attention to Size and BackgroundColor3


instantiated part is taller with studs


Thanks for your report! As @ChipioIndustries points out, this is intended behavior.


If that is the case then there should be documentation on this.

I’ll make a Documentation request.

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