Increase Playing Time at devPartner Hub

Hey everyone, so currently I am working on new features for my devPartner Hub game along side @Intrance. devPartner Hub is essentially a place for developers to be able to come togethor to meet new creators they can work with that best fit their needs. One way we have accomplished this is by developing a feature in our game that allows you to search through developers in YOUR price range as well as the skill you are looking for. This search filter is able to rank developers based on how well they matched with your in game profile.

Currently we have been facing a simple issue, we dont know how to increase player retention in the game. We are looking to come up with new features that countinue to help developers which is why I am here writing this post.

The current place can be visited here:

Again we are looking for input on HOW exactly we can keep players inside the game. We were trying to look at places like Trade Hangout and Group Recruiting Plaza but we werent able to figure out our own unique way to do this.

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Although the game seems to be a very neat idea/concept, I do find some issues within it. The process in which the player can get hired is odd and the placement is weird. I didn’t even know it existed until clicking random things.

The lobby looks very empty and somewhat boring with copy and pasted props/logs, especially noticeable near the campfire.

The aesthetic based on the thumbnail/logo seems different in the game since the font is bigger and has some weird coloring in my opinion.

Lighting colors also seem a little off though that might be just me, its a little too yellow.

Adding the arena/swordfighting is a nice idea though but try to add/randomize the enviroments every few seconds or so instead of it being flat.

Have some other activies for the players to mess around with like swings/virtual portfolios and such.

The house also seems out of place? Lastly, for browse > contact, you can still have the player contact but instead wait til the player that gets contacted rejoins then send them the message/have an inbox.

Goodluck :+1:

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Thank you for your response, yes it seems like one of the biggest things I have seen from this is the fact that the GUI is not very simple to use or direct. As well as the map design needs some improvement.

My follow up question would be, is their any features you as a developer look for that would help improve communication in game to accomplish your commissions and such?

I feel like for a game based on hiring/working as a developer for others, people wouldn’t need to be in game much since they’d post their order then leave for a while. I suggest adding various mini games around the map to keep players having fun while waiting.


Like @RudraVII said, it would be a great thing if you added minigames as it would make players stay in-game for longer. However, another feature you could add is a leaderboard showing how long this player has been in the game for and give a badge saying “Thank you for playing for 30 mins” or 1 hour etc, I got this idea from vibe games as players don’t really do anything but sit and vibe so its a good idea to add that feature.

Lastly, I don’t think the game has any music so it would be great if you added some sort of chill/relaxing music behind it to increase player experience.

That’s all I got in mind. :blush: