Increase ServerScript Security Level on F.E. Games

The title says it all. Having access to command-bar security level for ServerScripts on games would be amazing. And since it’s only on F.E., we can know that all ServerScripts are trusted. At least the ones in ServerScriptService.

Do you have any reasons for this? I really can’t see any use for elevated permissions.

Maybe to change the source of other server scripts, meaning that you won’t ever need loadstring and you can safely disable it for even more security?



[strike]This would have to be toggleable. Otherwise we might get people putting Kohl’s into their game and then getting their game utterly wrecked.[/strike]

edit: (oops, didn’t see “FE”, ignore)

I can definitely see the advantages, however.

I disagree. The security level is what it is for a reason. High-permission stuff is usually either sensitive (friend requests, reports, backend web service elements) or hacky stuff that should be removed and re-implemented before being released to the public (AppearanceDidLoad).

What exactly are you looking to accomplish with elevated permissions?

Mostly changing/reading .Source was what I really wanted from ServerScripts. Has a lot of potential uses.

Alternatively we could have a multi-line StringValue editor or something.

There’s more uses than that that I’ve thought of, but I can’t remember at the moment what they were.