Increased server crash frequency - What is replicationCoalescing?

Since yesterday, my game has been experiencing much more frequent crashes than is normal. The game contains around 200k parts in order to depict a fairly accurate and detailed world map, which has
always made it somewhat unstable but before yesterday servers would typically last at least a few hours or up to a day before crashing. Now they’re lasting at most an hour, typically only
20-30 minutes. The game has received no updates by us since October, which presumably narrows it down to either a change Roblox has made, a vulnerability exploiters have found, or a change to an external module we use, the Adonis admin system.

A potential cause I have found is the section of server core memory labelled as ‘network/replicationCoalescing’, which seems to continually inflate up to around 3k MB, or approximately half of the server’s memory usage before the server crashes.
However, I am unsure of what causes increases to this memory usage or what ‘replicationCoalescing’ is even for, so I don’t know whether this is something an exploiter could be causing or if it’s entirely caused by something Roblox is doing.

TLDR: if anyone knows what the replicationCoalescing core memory is used for and why its memory usage could be going so high, I would really appreciate the info. Whether this is the primary cause of the increased crash frequency or not, it’s kinda worrying that something I don’t know about is suddenly
taking up so much server memory.

Apologies if this is the wrong category for this question, however I am unsure of where else it could go, and I couldn’t find anyone else who had asked about this with Google.

Below: Memory usage by network/replicationCoalescing shortly before a server crash.

Below: Total memory usage on the server shortly before a server crash

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We are also experiencing this in select experiences of mine, no updates were pushed out in the past 2 days and servers are crashing in around 9 minutes-20 minutes average. I’m not sure what the cause is of this, but I do hope someone does have an answer as to why this is happening, or if this is a recent patch to something that is causing this.


This thread would be better placed in #bug-reports:engine-bugs as this section (Scripting Support) is mainly for help with script code.

I wasn’t sure whether it was a bug or just some exploit, however if multiple people are experiencing it then I guess it must be. However, I don’t think I have permission to post in the bug report category - or if I do then it must be done some other way because I can’t choose it as the category for a new topic.

I’d appreciate it if you or someone else with permission to post there could report it