Increasing Speed when Player is Falling

NOTE: I don’t want a script, I want to know if this is possible

I am trying to make the player speed up when falling, but before I start developing the script I want to know if you can locally change the games gravity in order to make the player fall faster? It would be greatly appreciated if someone could tell me if it is possible.

P.S. If this would work, would I have to put the local script in StarterGui, and if it doesn’t work, is there another way? Again I’m not looking for a script, just if it’s possible.

Thanks in Advance,

consider changing workspace.Gravity to be different on a player locally?

you could put it in StarterPlayerScripts

That was my plan, still not sure if it will work, but thanks for the StarterPlayerScripts Idea!

I ran a test by just changing the value to 200 for the player when they join, then I checked the server’s value, it worked!