Initial Build Feedback and Suggestions

Hi everyone!

This is literally my first time building something on Roblox as I usually stick to scripting and programming and I’m pretty proud of what I’ve created but I know it’s not amazing. That’s why I’m here, I’m looking for some constructive criticism on my build so far and I’m looking at ways I can make it better. Feel free to be brutal, I’m a light hearted guy but don’t just say it’s trash and not provide ways of improving that’s just mean.

The context is that it’s a purpose built office building acting as a headquarters for a military group, in the end it will form part of a larger military base and this will be a single building as part of it but I’d like to start off on the right foot.


Tom :slight_smile:


Looks great, probably you could change the color of the building to something more reddish. Let me know the results.


For your first build it is very good :D. But here something to keep in mind, you should always make a building that fit a roblox character rather than just looking at a reference. Making the building smaller will give you less of a headache on what to put in the empty spaces as well. Small detail like table decoration or wall decoration would be a good change too. Other than that this is rather a fantastic build, keep building and good luck with your future project :D.

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Whoa it looks just like it. Maybe change the exterior look from brownish to a more red like that picture.

Hi there, some pointers for you in the future.

  • Consider textures and different trees from this kit I can recommend to you.
    This has a wide range of textures ranging from floors to woods and roofing.
  • Try using some plugins such as gapfill, f3x, archimedes and part to terrain.
  • I strongly recommend you check out some you-tubers who specialise in building such as ‘Model Creator’ and ‘Eppobot’
    -Perhaps add different variation of trees and bushes which you will find in the kit I enclosed.
  • If you don’t already using unions will help speed up the work as since you’ve stated you’re relatively new to building I’m not too sure if you use it but if you do great.

Good luck in completing this I wish you well.