Inkwaves [ Building Portfolio ] - CLOSED

howdy! i’m alex. i am 16 years old and i enjoy building on roblox. i love graphic design, building, and all things creatively stimulating, so i decided i would try to make some cash off of my passion.

i am new to this whole building commission side of roblox so take that in mind when commissioning.



game links


in order of screen shots:!/about




because of school, i pretty much only have time on the weekends to work on commissions. if i have some extra time during the weekday, i will work on it then.

if you need something done before a specific deadline, let me know so i can decide if i have enough time to get it done before then.

im taking 3 slots to start with. [0/3 slots taken]


contact me and we can work out a fair price for whatever you need
only accepting robux for now


discord: inkwaves#3218

i prefer you message me on discord. if for some reason you can’t, i check twitter fairly often so that works too.

some rules:

  • if personal problems come up, i will drop the commission. you will be refunded
  • please don’t rush me! i prioritize spending time with my family above roblox
  • payment upfront only
  • group funds for robux
  • paypal for usd

now for some fun facts about me!

  • i like cats
  • i also like anything chocolate (will accept chocolate for payment, or maybe even cats)

ok thats all, thanks!


These works are really beautiful, and the graphics are also very good, if you decide to make money from now on it is a wise idea. Thanks for letting me admire it. A bright future is waiting for you.


Those showcases are INCREDIBLE! I was confused at whether or not I was looking at Roblox! Keep up the AMAZING work! :smile:

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