Innovation Security Custom Creation Rules

Custom Creation Rules:

  1. Custom uniforms should not look abhorrent. Regardless of whether you or your “client” thinks it looks nice, it’s going to be rejected. This is the most important rule.
  2. You can only make recolors of uniforms. Does not apply to uniforms made for RO+, or slight retextures that do not violate rule #1.
  3. An individual can only have 2 customs at a time.
  4. Customs with trench coats can only be made for ST+.
  5. Customs can only be worn and/or owned by individuals that own the original version of said customs.
  6. Customs must be approved before they can be uploaded. Do not spam the uniform approvers.
  7. Customs must be uploaded correctly. This means that there mustn’t be any parts of the template visible, including the red lines.
  8. Individuals may not use Customs that they uploaded for other people without their explicit permission.
  9. Uniform must not have any images that are non-Innovation related on them.
  10. Names on uniforms must be blended in with the vest.
  11. No titles other than your own rank.
  12. The maximum amount of colours on one uniform is three.
  13. Vest/Fur may not be recoloured.
  14. Credit has to be given to the original creator of the custom on the template
  15. There is a 24 hour voting period, if no vote within 24 hours the custom is auto declined.

If permission is granted, then use of the custom applies to the limit stated in rule #3. If you’re planning on making/using customs, know these rules. It should be common sense to do this on your own so that you’re not wasting your time, but just in case, you’re expected to check that your custom/the person you’re making a custom for follows all these rules. This means checking for things like rule #3 and #5.


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