Inquisitors - Update 6 (v0.3.2)

Welcome to Inquisitors! Train with your lightsaber to become the best Sith Inquisitor!

This game is currently in BETA. Data will be reset A LOT.

Note: Beta Testing is finished, this update is now in the main game!

Notes for Update 6 (v0.3.2):

  • Multipliers! Buy a skill multiplier for credits!
  • Bug Fixes: Dual Wield skills were not added to shop.

Play the game here: Inquisitors [BETA]

Full update log: Inquisitors - Update Log

Next Update (Update 7 - v0.3.3)

  • Missions fully functional: We are sorry for the delay, but there is a bug that still needs to be fixed.
  • Some things changed to make it not really copyright.
  • And more!