Insane script editor lag on macOS catalina

I’m not sure if this is due to a recent Roblox update or not, but I just started experiencing crazy script editor lag, making it nearly impossible to script. I’ve tried restarting my computer, re-downloading Roblox, messing w/ some settings, but nothing seems to fix it. Typing is working smooth everywhere except on the script editor in Studio.

Here’s whats happening:


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Same issue is happening with me, however I’m on Windows 10 and it seems a lot worse.

This is how bad it is when I try to type, keep in mind I’m a pretty fast typer. The script doesn’t even show me the test and the auto-complete box is blacked out. Within this gif I typed around a sentence and It didn’t load a word of it.

Bruhh, thats a weird fix but ok. Guess we’ll have to do that until Roblox fixes this problem

This happens on Windows 10 as well as when you start typing a script with at least 11 lines my client slowly slows down and begin the freeze and saying it’s not responding, I wonder if this is the same bug just for Mac -w-