Insert a period every 2 characters

I am trying to format a string here.

What I have: “002504”

What I want: “00.25.04”

How would I go around doing this?

This might be what you are looking for (However, this goes from left to right, so if you have 0000000 it would give you :

local YourString = "000000"
local StringTable = string.split(YourString,"")
local newString = ""

for i = 1, #StringTable do
    newString = newString..StringTable[i]
    if i%2 == 0 and i ~= #StringTable then
        newString = newString..'.'

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I will only ever be dealing with 6 digit strings, this works perfectly!

I know this topic is already solved, but you can actually do this

newString ..= "."

Well, the shorter version of @paetemc2’s

local YourString = "000000"
local newString = YourString:gsub("(%w%w)(%w%w)", "%1.%2.")